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By partnering with ChemDiv, you gain access to more than 2500 pharma, biotech and academia customers, including top companies in the world.

Data files can be sent to

ChemDiv needs three types of data from your catalog:

1. Unique chemical structure along with a unique catalog ID. This data is provided in a Structure Definition file (*.sdf), including salt data.

2. Stock availability data in mg for each compound.

3. Spectral data (LCMS or/and NMR). Min requested purity 90% issue date.

About us

ChemDiv has been a pioneer in discovery libraries since 1991. Its first diverse heterocyclic compounds collection was compiled from academic lab sources from all over the world, and ChemDiv subsequently successfully launched its own large-scale library synthesis program.

ChemDiv is now the recognized global leader in discovery chemistry with the industry’s largest, most diverse, and most pharmacologically-relevant commercial collection of over 1,600,000 individually crafted, lead-like, drug-like small molecules . We have preffered supplier status with top Pharma World wide.

Our collaborators range from large, midsize, and small Pharma/Biotech, to academia, foundations and screening centers. The company operates multiple research and development (R&D) subsidiaries in Russia, Ukraine and China as well as business operations around the world.

25 years

experience and 2500 customers worldwide


premium R&D CRO based in USA with global reach


extensive Academic partnerships

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